Peer to Peer Marketplace API

  • Version: 1
  • Host:
  • Protocols: https
More Info

If you are a Coindirect Trade Vendor in our peer to peer marketplace, these are the methods you will need to create and manage your offers and orders. An offer is a buy or sell price listing on the marketplace. An order is created when a customer takes up your offer and indicates they want to buy or sell coins at the listed price. There are 7 sections in this API:

Vendor Offers

Create and manage the buy and sell offers on your vendor account.

Customer Orders

Manage buy and sell orders placed by yourself with other vendors.

Order Chats

Initiate chat messages to your customers and use these methods to view previous chat history.

Order Disputes

Manage disputes relating to orders placed.

Vendor Applications

Manage your application to become a Coindirect vendor.

Vendor Orders

Manage buy and sell orders placed by customers with you as a vendor.

Public Offers

View details of all vendor offers on the Coindirect peer to peer marketplace.